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Limousin X cows and Simmental X Calves.

 Braunston village in the background.

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Big Farm is your way to Wolfhampcote Farms which is to be found on the borders of Warwickshire and Northamptonshire in the centre of England .

We're actually in Warwickshire which is the best county in England........but don't tell any one in Braunston that.

Wolfhampcote lies in the parish of Wolhampcote, Flecknoe, Sawbridge and Nethercote in the district of Rugby. Wolfhampcote parish is entirely in Warwickshire.

The precise location on your world map is :-


Latitude 52º16´North - Longitude 1º13´West

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a brief history of the area  

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 There is only one pub in Flecknoe, but  what a pub!  By any standards  it is small  but the beer and company  are  excellent!

                                   The Old Olive Bush is run by Mark and Jane and sports three real ales, a skittles table and a very good restaurant serving  good home cooked food. Booking is recommended for evening meals, especially at the week-end and on Thursday night when it gets  very busy with Quiz Night. The picture below is  a  typical  Saturday afternoon.

There are 4 pubs in Braunston, all good in their own respects,

·                     The Admiral Nelson, a canal-side inn serving good food and real ales, it's where Horatio used to moor up with HMS Victory after a hard campaign. Now under new management, this pub is now at the best I have known it. A very good selection of real ales, great views of the cut [canal] , a skittle table and the best food in the village! Well done Mark, Pam, Liam and the girls.

·                     The Old Plough, where I've been known to take a jar or two of ale. Good food served at lunchtimes and evenings. Real ales and a skittles table, there's always a friendly atmosphere and a warm fire in winter Plus all the Rugby matches!

·                     The Wheatsheaf, the local venue for rock music on a Saturday night and a good cellar with interesting guest ales.

·                     The Boathouse, or 2-4-1 as it's known locally is a large canal-side pub catering for family food etc. It's recently been refurbished and under new management by Marstons.


Latest News

1st August 2013

After a  long absence from my website I have returned. Having lost FrontPage I'm now going to use KompoZer and try to get things going again!


Since I last updated much has happened! All the cows have gone and Amanda and Ted are running things, we now have 350 breeding ewes.







Here's a photo of Maggie and May shrew hunting in the woods. Don't know if I fall foul of the new hunting laws by letting them forage like this but to put your minds a ease, NO small animals were harmed in the taking of this picture!


We have a new addition to the menagerie, a young Jack Russell named Boost. He came from the Dog's Trust and had had a hard start in life, originally from Ireland he'd been re-homed twice in his short life but no-one could control him! He's settled in well.



 A Giant Puff-ball lurking by Maggie. Sliced up and fried with a bit of butter and black pepper it's a welcomed addition to a traditional fried breakfast. [That's the puff-ball, not Maggie!]





Other foraging trips to Badby Woods were worthwhile and I brought home loads of Boleti and other edible fungi.








  "Wot, no hay?"  









Wolfhampcote  has it's very own in house [well in my house] recording musician! Ted Nilsson the up and coming Swedish DJ  . Perhaps it'll be a new genre of music........Hall Music! Hahahah, sorry couldn't resist it.

Get some samples of this brilliant dj's work at..



I haven't  been to a so many gigs this year but still getting to The Merchant's in Rugby where I've seen some of the best local talent. [Some of the bands are good as well!!]

Favourites are

Kel Elliott who has appeared in several guises, as Molly Brown, The Kel Elliott Band and I think Base Birds and Beats [Quite like the idea of seeing some base birds] Anyway, she's great! There's always a good crowd from Braunston in the Merchants on a Kel night!


 Kel at The Merchant in March 2010







Our other big favourites are Hickman and Quinn,

a duo from Shrewsbury, two of the best guitarists you could hope to see. Chris and James have performed at

The Old Plough  on numerous occasions















                                                                                                 James and Chris at The Merchants March 2010.



Past " Best Gigs" have been


 Richard Thompson [no relation!]



The musician's musician as some call him performed an acoustic set with many new [to me] numbers and some of the old favourites.


  The Waterboys,

loved their music for years and it was great to see and hear Mike Scott who's [I think] the only original member.






 African Soul Rebels. A conglomeration of some of the best sounds coming out of Africa.

      Three acts for the price of one!

 Souad Massi

, a very talented Algerian lady who sang beautiful acoustic folk,  sometimes solo, some with her band.

  Emmanuel Jal, a Sudanese ex boy soldier, he rapped/hip-hopped, quite poignantly about being kidnapped as a very young boy and trained as a AK47 toting fighter.

    Best , for me anyway, the legendary

Amadou and Mariam.


The blind husband and wife team from Mali have been rocking for about 20 years and are now being recognised in Europe. Give their 2005 release "Dimanche A Bamako" a listen.






Lo'Jo. A French band from the Loire Valley, they had very strong North African influences both in their music and their instruments. Highly recommended if you get the chance to see them.





Van [the man] Morrison, Irish chappy, no description needed

DJ Format, English hip-hop scratch meister with 2 Canadian MCs Abdominal and Deecisiv

Gervase Finn, ex school inspector and now author recounting his extremely funny anecdotes.

Nitin Sawhney, English/Asian musician with his full band. Simply wonderful! One of the best gigs I've ever been to and the most eclectic mix of musical styles you will ever hear.

John Martyn, English guy who was around for about 300 years, been every where, done every thing, smoked everything, lost half his leg  but still sounded brilliant. Sadly John died in January 2009.

Royksopp, Norwegian duo performing in Camden  prior to Glastonbury. Electronic/Dance/Laid back music, I've worn out their first cd [Melody A.M.] .

All that plus Tuesday nights in a Rugby pub called The Merchant's where there's very often good local bands .

Bye for now peeps!



A photo of our old mare Catherine taken a few years ago in early spring, the old girl had been having a roll!


Here are a couple of pictures of the farm taken by my friend and neighbour Brian Sanderson from his microlight. Top, The Hall and farm yards; bottom photo, looking north, Great Central railway going from bottom left to top middle, farm buildings centre right.




Cheerio for now,               








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